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Established in 1999, Foundation of Faith Ministries is a non-denominational, faith-teaching, family-oriented church serving the Eastern Shore in Belle Haven, Virginia. Youth make-up the greater portion of our ministry mainly because our entire ministerial staff is academically-trained, spiritually-anointed and have a heart to work with children.

The centerpiece of our worship services is the Bible teaching. Whereas we sing, praise dance and exhort the Lord, we are a frills-free church. We are not fancy and flamboyant, our leader is not honored above Jesus Christ and everyone is given opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. If you desire to learn more about the Bible, establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and develop strategies to live a life of victory, we recommend this ministry to you. David A. Sabatino, our pastor, preaches most Sundays.

Foundation of Faith Worship Center
36190 Lankford HWY,  PO Box 349 Belle Haven, VA 23306

Service Time

Sunday 10:00AM  

Interactive Bible Study: Wednesday  7:00PM



36190 Lankford HWY, Belle Haven, VA 23306