Faith In Action Strategist/ Group Trainer/ Empowerment Pastor  

Inspiring and Empowering Testimonial

Armed with a Vision & an Action Plan"

David A. Sabatino has earned the reputation of being a dynamic and passionate teacher/speaker/preacher who is uniquely gifted at inspiring and empowering diverse groups with his uncanny wisdom and workable action plans. Certified and licensed by the Virginia Department of Education as a secondary education instructor, Sabatino knows how to make the cognitive and inner connections with people of various intellectual levels, ages or cultures. He uses basic, simple terminology to paint vivid pictures of hope and expectancy for those who have lost their dreams or are fighting to hold on to them. He candidly tells his own story of how he overcame a personal tragedy to become a productive and contributing citizen again.

At the age of 26, Sabatino suffered a near-fatal, point-blank range, shotgun blast to his back. He was partially paralyzed on his left side which rendered him disabled because he was also left-handed. Though qualified to receive Social Security Disability Income indefinitely, he did not fully trust the system for lifelong support.  After regaining some function in his left arm and relearning to write using his right hand, Sabatino set out on a journey to retool and re-qualify himself for the workforce.  He enrolled and graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education.

Thirty-five years old and armed with a teaching degree, he became a high school educator and voluntarily surrendered his disability income.  Teaching was his childhood dream. Now, a Career and Technical Education teacher of 23 years and a 25-year minister, Sabatino travels and shares his story and strategies with others who are serious about fulfilling their dreams.

" A Vision



   An Action Plan 

                 Is Only 

                  A Fantasy"